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Go Live Today! To Any Audience.

Experience the best live streaming services in Central Florida. Using the latest bonding technology and high-end cinema cameras, live stream important company or organization events directly to your website, Facebook, YouTube, or across multiple channels simultaneously.

Hi. We're Go LIVE by Bindra Productions.

Multiple Camera Live Streaming

For the professional look of live
network TV shows. The best in
‘go live’ equipment. Expert
camera operators. Experienced
directors. Slick graphics. Up to
eight cameras for optimal
coverage. 4G LTE Bonding from
Verizon. AT&T, and T-Mobile

Pre-Produced Video Packages

Pre-produced support content
for your live streaming
production. Compelling pre-
packaged video segments to
keep audiences engaged. Can
include pre-taped interviews,
on-the-street segments, and
relevant statistics.

Sizzle Reels and Extra Content

Give customers a reason to do
business with you. Get the
most out of each live company
production. Leverage live-
streamed content into future
brand, marketing and sales
videos. Smart, effective sizzle
reels save time and money.

Your Brand. Your Events.

When the best of Live Streaming meets the best of Live TV Production. With options like multi-camera setup, wireless cameras, on screen graphics, pre-produced video packages, and picture-in-picture live PowerPoints… We’re just what you need to connect you with your key audiences in real time, anywhere in the world!

Anywhere. Anytime.

Go LIVE producers have over 30 years of experience. We bring that same expertise to each live streaming production. Imagine your company’s live events with the professional production qualities of a popular network TV show.

We're Someone You Can Trust

Our clients range from big to small and everything in-between.
We leverage strategic and creative thinking paired with our decades of experience to deliver on-brand live streaming video production services.

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Live Streaming Services

Whether it’s a webinar, trade show, business conference or CEO announcement, our live
streaming services allow clients to connect with their key audiences in real time, anywhere in the world.

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To provide accurate pricing, we need to know a few things. Things like: How many shooting days? How many cameras required? How about on-camera
talent? Need a sizzle reel for marketing? Does it require interactive features, or live Q&As? Stuff like that.

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